Favorite artists, Friends & Colleagues

Shane Glines *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* We allll know Shane; ‘no need for an intro ;) *ALSO: Shane's "Cartoon Retro" is one of the best places to go for inspiration, hands down.

Lynne Naylor Lynne is one of my heroes. Her website is filled with LOTS of appealing drawings and paintings. ‘One of my TOP RECOMMENDATIONS. Please visit :)

Rex Hackelberg 'One of my very favorite artists! Rex is just too awesome for words... Check out his amazing gallery here :D

Katie Rice I highly recommend this site. Katie’s art has got *style* and silliness. 'Another one of my favorite artists. You just have to go there NOW. :D

Anna Chambers Be prepared for a cuteness over-dose! VERY appealing character designs and paintings, here. I love them. If i had to cheer someone up by showing them just ONE site, it would certainly be this one. Please go visit her. :)

Kirsten Ulve Amazing illustrations! I’m sure you’re already familiar with her work, for it’s been included in various magazines, television commercials, and the girls department in Target stores. ‘Lots to see; get goin’. /:)

Brianne Drouhard The super-awesome, Brianne!! :D If you love kitties, unicorns, and ladies with wings ( who doesn't??? ), you owe it to yourself to check out her site. Now.

Rodolphe Guenoden Personal website of Dreamworks animator and storyboard artist, the awe-inspiring Rodolphe! HUGE collections of Rod's girl and superhero drawings, and comics. Please visit! :D

Joel Trussell Another one of my favorites; Joel's work is fun and incredibly inspiring. Go and see for yourself! :)

Aimee’s Studio I’ve been a fan for a while. TONS of original art, and animation. Lots of kitties with guns, and pretty mermaids, and lovely hair. ‘Just plan to hang for a while; there’s quite a bit to see here!

Michel Gagne Wonderful Illustrator and Animator! Visit here to browse through his amazing works, purchase his books and, YES, even Michel’s animated films!!

The Bruce Timm Gallery <---'Need i say more? :)

Alberto Ruiz You gotta check this place out; Alberto creates some of the most addicting eye-candy on the ‘net. ‘Also one of the nicest guys on the planet.

Enrico Casarosa Please visit and check out Enrico’s energetic life drawings and character art.

Shag ‘Very sought-after SoCal artist whos work is greatly appealing. Need i say more?? Please visit; don’t miss out!

Olve.net You simply CAN’T miss this place. I’ve been a long-time fan of Olve’s work. :) ‘Swing by and check out his galleries, and animation. ‘Great stuff!

Rick Cortes Rick’s just awesome, and a very, very talented guy; he does it all: from comics to special effects… Go check out his online gallery! Rick ruuuules.

Stephen Silver Character designer on Disney’s ‘Kim Possible’. I really enjoy the way he captures people! Take a look at his online portfolio and caricatures.

RedTango ‘Great stuff, here!! Cynthia’s art is FUN… and ‘gotta love the whole ‘cat theme’. Paintings, character art, storyboards… ‘Just head over there and prepare to be ‘wow-ed’ and ‘aww-ed’. /:)

Toonimator AKA my pal, Keith Holven! He’s one of those guys that can get those loose, motion-y sketches. ‘Lots of sketches, and his takes on some favorite 80’s cartoons.

Gabe Swarr’s ‘Big Pants Mouse’ Visit the packrat with enchanted loin coverings! ‘Awesome site, weird characters, and lots of great drawings from Gabe’s portfolio! A must-seee!

Paige Pooler Really cute, imaginative works on display here. Paige has a style all her own; she rules. Please visit!

Herobear.com Comics, art, and all sorts of neat stuff from Mike Kunkel! Visit your favorite bear and kid duo.

Ronnie Del Carmen Ronnie’s got a great style! He uses soft colors, his characters are incredibly cute, and he’s a really nice guy, too!

Eddie Pittman ‘Character designer and animator; Eddie’s got some great work on display here. In addition to his own artwork, there’s sections that include notes on portfolio presentation and a list of suggested art/animation references.

Super Macho ‘The VERY impressive art of Jorge R. Gutierrez!!! He’s got such a unique style; oozing with appeal. Be sure to take a look at his gallery of paintings, character designs, and commercial artwork.

Duncan Studios YES, famed Disney animator, Ken Duncan has a website! He’s very well-known for animating some of the cutest gals ever ( Megara, Jane ). There’s a nice collection of Ken’s highly-inspiring doodles, storyboards, and personal project information on his site, AND *here’s the best part* PENCIL TESTS from 2 really great ‘Jane’ sequences! Take a look, please!

Dean Yeagle Dean’s another favorite. He’s got his cartooning portfolio on display here… TONS of fun drawings, and super-cute girls!

Larry Leong 'Not only can he draw some adorable squids, but he can jump at least 20,000 feet higher than anyone you know! He's an artist of many talents, and i'm a really huge fan of his films =D Please check out his website!

S. Britt Stephan Britt’s amaaaazing artwork! ‘Fun and stylistic!! You won’t be disappointed! …Check it out.

Cameron Stewart Amazing comic artist and a real nice guy, Plenty of great drawings to check out!

Nick Cross/Cartoon Revolution This guy is truely AMAZING!! Nick’s drawings have got style and much appeal. On this site, you’ll find some of Nick’s great animated shorts and paintings. Please visit!!!

David Sheldon David’s designs ROCK!!...and there’s a rather large collection of his art, here, to be viewed and inspired by!

Animation News & Resources

Animation BLAST The BEST animation magazine PERIOD.

Cartoon Research 'Jerry Beck's really great animation news website!

The BIG Cartoon Database Like the banner says!

Cartoon Colour Animation/art supplies

Chroma Colour Animation/art supplies

Flash Animation

Shii’s Song

Pucca Club

Happy Tree Friends This wide-eyed, overly-happy ( 'not to mention FRAGILE ) bunch of little forest animals provide a decent amount of entertainment.

Graphic Tees

Paul Frank is your friend :D

Gama-Go! Charismatic tees and accessories for the gals and guys :D GREAT site; you may reconise some of Tim Biskup's design-work here. 'Take a look!


Sanrio and Kitties

Sanrio of Japan You love it.

San-X 'Cute' is here! It's in Japanese, but still fairly easy to navigate through!

Sanrio :D Oh boy!

Kittymail.com Hahaha, get the cutest email address possible, here.

Favorite Time Warps

Ebay.com My most-visited website on the entire internet.



Video Games

Nintendo JP

CAG Cheap Ass Gamer; i visit this forum almost daily. CheapyD and Co. have saved me hundreds of dollars over the years :) 'This is also an ideal place to trade and purchase older games and memorabilia from other collectors.

GameFAQs.com Why spend $15 on a crappy guide? Seriously. It’s called the internet! This is a helpful site for the gaming enthusiast: walk through’s, codes, etc.



VG Museum

Digital Press

Tool-Assisted Speed Runs

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