‘Illustrator, designer, and kitten speech therapist. Companies I’ve had the great pleasure of working for include Spumco, Crazy Emergency Productions, Paul Frank Industries, and American Greetings. I’ve spent most of my life in Edison, NJ…schooled at the Art Institute of Philadelphia… then moved to Los Angeles to work in animation in 2001. I’m completely obsessed with old cartoons, video games, and collecting odd toys…. ^_^

You can check in and see what I’m up to at GummyFish Wrapper; my blog of wonder.

*NEW* Also check out ToyBox Safari blog for photos and stories of some of my rarest toy finds!

• Is the Animation Model Sheet Archive ever going to be back online?

YES. I still have all of the content…along with maybe 30% more that hasn’t been shown yet. Rob DOES plan to put it back online… ‘just not sure when exactly. Be patient, guys :) As you can see, I’m slooowly getting things back up. Stay tuned, ok!

• Will you be accepting commissions again?

YES! If interested in character art or a custom design, please email me for pricing and guidelines:


• Are the forums coming back?

Nope, sorry. Please visit www.drawingboard.org . Updates to the model sheet archives will eventually be posted in the, you guessed it, “Model Sheets” forum, there.

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